Risk Assesment

Risk assessment:

There will be some obvious risks while filming my short film:

  • Risk of falling off the skateboard while filming and using it as a prop. To minimise the risks, I always have an extra person behind the person filming on the skateboard and using an actor who is comfortable in riding a skateboard.
  • My actors running late which will waste time. To minimise the risk of wasting time I will arrange a time to meet up and I will go to the actor’s house to ensure time efficiency.
  • Batteries running out. I will ensure that I have spare batteries and also a spare camera to use if necessary which I will have to borrow from my school as I already have a camera of my own.
  • I will have to film a scene near the water which will obviously include a risk of potentially falling in the water. To prevent this, I will make sure that I have professionals on the set to make sure that if the actor falls in the water, they will not be in danger.

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