Script of dialogue used in my short film:

Again, another morning.

I guess I’m almost used to the emptiness now

It’s been a while after all

I don’t know where everyone went

I don’t know why I’m here

You know after about a week, you get bored. Especially when you’re alone

Stupid gnome

I remember the first day I attempted to drive

My car was filled with water, and I cant explain why.

Sometimes, I just wander for days

I started trying some new hobbies, so I had a bit of fun

I don’t know how I got here

I don’t know how it happened

I just woke up alone one day

Everyone was just gone

Sometimes I feel like I’m not alone, some weird stuff has been going on.

One day, there were flower petals on my desk, not sure how that could’ve happened

This is the 93rd day I’ve been alone





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