Evaluation question 4: How do you use media technology in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages?

How do you use media technology in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages?

Throughout the creation process, of actually constructing my short film, I was heavily reliant on media technology. Recognising the initial first stages of research, before deciding on any ideas for the story of my short film, it was vital for me to understand that basis of short films to learn the basic codes and conventions of short film. This was so I could apply these codes and conventions towards the creation of my own short film. For this, I exploited Google Chrome web browser as a way of conducting similar product research. I also utilised YouTube, an excellent video sharing and streaming website containing vast amounts of short films for me to browse. This website was an excellent resource in terms of media technology, even visiting and utilising again through the construction process of my video. Youtube has allowed me to view many short films, both old and new, allowing me to understand influences, trends and codes and conventions of the short film genre. For example, I was particularly inspired by a short film called ‘Awake.’ The film shows a man going about his day to day business in a post-apocalyptic world, where he is the only one left this world. Since the film’s theme set in the apocalyptic/ post-apocalyptic sub-genre, I cannot define it as any more than its own genre. Through Youtube, I was able to watch this short film. If I wasn’t able to watch this film through YouTube, my short film would’ve been completely different.

Similar product research as very crucial as it allowed me to understand the basis as to what an audience is expecting from a short film, the ability to both entertain and trap the audience. This would hopefully be carried throughout the entire course of my creation of ‘awake’ thanks to the use of media technology.

I further utilized media technology to be able to pause and print screen the actual short films I was watching so I could analyse said short films and put them on my blog for research purposes. The screenshots would allow my research to be both clear and accessible. Whilst planning my short film, I regularly used Google Chrome to research genres, codes and conventions and other tasks such as downloading fonts to use for my poster and article from dafont.

I mostly used the internet to create and update my blog on wordpress. WordPress was very useful for me as it allowed me to keep track of my work process and allow me to have a neat place where I can showcase my work. I used other sites like slideshare or Issuu to upload my Microsoft Word/Powerpoint documents so I could then embed these on to my blog so they would be easily accessible whenever I was in need of references to my planning process or my research into short films.

When it came to the actual filming of my product, I used the Cannon 550D digital camera. The EOS 550D combines exceptional still shooting with the ability to shoot Full HD (1080p) video. I particularly made full use of the ISO settings which allowed me to alter the light sensitivity for those environments where using flash is undesirable. This was fundamental as my film mainly took place outside at different times of the day. The ISO settings were particularly useful when I was shooting in the evening time in the woods. I was able to alter the ISO so I wouldn’t have to enable flash. The ISO allowed me to brighten the video. One great tool I was able to use during the editing process was Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Despite having trouble at first using the programme, I revisited Youtube to watch tutorials on how to fully master using this software. For example, the speed percentage tool allowed me to slow down timing on certain scenes that featured near the end of my film when the main protagonist was inside the house, doing a series of activities. The desired effect of this was to portray how slowly the time was passing for the character in the short film. Similarly, I turned down the saturation towards the middle of my film allowing the scene where the character can barely be seen outside. Additionally, I colour graded the sense where the sky was shown. I noticed during my research that K-dramas and K-pop music videos usually colour grade scenes in which the sky is shown to fully show the magnificence of the sky and to show how beautiful it is for a couple of seconds. I wished to emulate that in my own product, so I colour graded certain scenes in which the sky was shown. The razor tool allowed me to trim down shots that were too long to maximise the smoothness of my short film, additionally I also used the razor tool to trim down the voiceover I had used in my product. I also used Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 when creating my directors commentary. I played a voiceover of me saying the first evaluation question over my actual short film.

Regarding the ancillary tasks, I used Adobe InDesign CS6 to create a film poster to go with my short film aswell as creating a film magazine article. I had aimed and hoped to create a professional and genuine looking poster and article, therefore details were very important such as maintaining the correct colour scheme. For example, the colour blue was a predominant colour used in all of my products as it connoted to water/the sea. Using Adobe InDesign CS6 allowed me to maintain that colour scheme.

In conclusion, media technology played a huge part in allowing me to achieve what I desired my final products, and my blog to achieve.

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